Catalyst Handling




Catalyst Handling

Idrorjet Srl in collaboration with a local engineer, has developed a revolutionary new machine to open the bottom of the reactors installed in the re-gasifyng plants, for removing and replacing the catalyst enclosed within.

The reactors are usually located in a very high ground clearance, we have developed a special scissor-lift, able to approach and move down to the bottom of the reactor, through the use of a joystick on the remote control box, of course, the whole is driven by a hydraulic unit with an explosion-proof motor, for improved safety in the workplace.

There are two models:

  • Model super-gas 1 for a max weight capacity of 10 ton at a maximum height of 7 mt.
  • Model super-gas 2 for a max weight capacity of 22 ton at a maximum height of 12 mt.


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